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for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse

A few SIA members have been working very hard for the past 3 years to write and create the first SIA Steps Workbook. It is almost finished and we are in need of money to publish and print it.

An anonymous donor has offered to match the first $500 dollars donated by June 30th, 2015 to this cause. That would give us $1000, almost enough to print the first 100 copies. Ideally, we’d like to raise between $5000.00 - $ $10,000.00 to bring the cost of the workbook down and to begin to raise funds to cover our first run of the SIA Daily Meditations Book which will be out by the beginning of 2016.

Please pass an envelope at each meeting and give anything you can and send the proceeds in by June 25th to the World Service Office or pass them along to the World Service Literature Committee representative in your area.   

Please send ANYTHING you can to get this fund started. Click on a button below to donate through PayPal, or send $5, $10 $25 $50 $100 or whatever you can to: 

Survivors of Incest Anonymous World Service Office, Inc. 

PO Box 190, Benson, Maryland 21018-9998.

This is a tax-deductible donation. 

Just put “Project Print It” in the memo section of your check.

The first 25 people to donate $40 (cost of book, $5 shipping and $10 donation) will receive one of the first 25 copies printed, signed by Board of Trustees members and those involved in the creation of this workbook.  

Please help get this workbook printed!

You can also sign up to purchase your copy and pre-pay $30 ($25 workbook & $5 shipping).   The goal is to distribute pre-sold workbooks by the end of August, as well as have more for sale, at the August New York Intergroup Retreat. But we have to pay for publishing first!!

With Profound Gratitude for Your Assistance,

John+,  Acting SIA World Service Literature Committee Chair

In the words of one long time member, “Working the SIA Steps has not only saved my life—it’s given me a quality of life I never dreamed was possible!”

Donate $5

Donate $10

Donate $25

Donate $50

Donate $100

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Donate $500

Pre-order Workbook $30

                   $25 Workbook, $5 shipping

Pre-order Workbook, shipping and donation $40:
The first 25 people to donate $40 (cost of book, $5 shipping and $10 donation) will receive one of the first 25 copies printed


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