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An SIA World Service Conference Roundtable Discussion:

  • 02 Jun 2013
  • 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM
  • To Participate: Dial 1-626-677-3000; then press 673296 #

An SIA World Service Conference Roundtable Discussion:

(A Part of Chapter 1 “Of Victimage & Protection; The Many Traits & Coping Mechanisms Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors in Hope Heals: The SIA Gold Book) 

Purpose: To create text for the SIA Big Book, Hope Heals

The SIA WSC Literature Committee & Big Book Subcommittee is seeking your assistance in making our dream of an SIA Big Book come to life. To help with the creation of this text, we are conducting a series of discussions by experienced SIA members about various chapters in the book. You may listen in and participate in these discussions. Each discussion will be 2 ½  hours in length and non-speaker panel members are encouraged to participate during the last portion of the meeting. Additionally, all SIA members are encouraged to share their experience, strength and hope in written form with the committee.*


Roundtable Particulars:

Date: Sunday, June 2, 2013


4:00 P.M. – 6:30 P.M. Eastern Time

1:00- 3:30 P.M. Pacific Time


To Participate: Dial 1-626-677-3000; then press 673296 #

* If you’d like to participate in a future WSC SIA Roundtable Discussion as a Speaker Panel Member, feel free to contact Becky ( John+ ( 

Topic Background & Questions

Panelists Will Address

  Exploration of Two Issues: Covert Incest & Problems for the Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivor Created by Family Members that Were Not Sexual Perpetrators: questions for consideration.

1.     Covert childhood sexual abuse can be difficult to identify and pinpoint, please explain more about direct and indirect incest and the nature of the covert incest you experienced and the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual forms it may have taken.

2.     What has your process been like in identifying this type of abuse and in believing the feelings of the wounded child within you? Have you spent time doubting yourself due to a lack of overt incest memories or other tangible evidence of incest or questioning your sexuality?

3.     What incest symptoms do you identify with as a result of the covert incest you experienced?

4.     Did you blame yourself either in the past or presently for any of your responses to covert incest?

5.     As is often the case in overt and covert sexual abuse, conflicting feelings are often aroused in the victim. What was the nature of your emotional response to the perpetrator because of the abuse and how do you feel about your perpetrator(s) today?

6.     If you have confronted your abuser, describe the process that led up to the event and what it has been like afterwards for you.

7.     What are some of supportive or loving statements that you might make, or have made, to the confused, wounded child within who experienced and stored the feelings related to the covert sexual abuse?

8.     What have been some of your most valuable supports or tools that you have used during your recovery from covert childhood sexual abuse?

9.     Were there other forms of abuse or neglect operating in your family of origin?

10.  How did your non-sexually abusive parent and/or other family members respond to you and what were some of the ways those responses contributed to the impact of your sexual abuse on you?

11.  At what point were you at in your recovery process when you became aware that other forms of abuse and neglect in your family of origin had an impact upon you?

12.  Are there any other common trauma reaction, arousal, blocking, splitting, abstinence, shame or repetition responses that you experience as a result of your relationship with non-sexually abusive family members

13.  How did the overall milieu of sexual abuse and non-sexual abuse affect your sense of identity and purpose in life?

14.  To what degree was codependency present in your family of origin and to what degree had you or have you recreated that codependency in your adult relationships?

15.  Describe what your relationship is like with your non-sexually abusive family members today and any recovery tools you’ve used to work out your relationships with those family members.


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