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for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse


General Information


(If you're wondering if an SIA meeting is a good place for you, consider reading the booklet How To Survive Your First SIA Meeting, an easy-to-read guide about our meetings, available on SIA's online store.) 

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  • New SIA Groups are added weekly. Meetings change time and or location from time to time. It is suggested that you call the contact person found in the meeting listing to verify the information, especially if there are special needs related to the inquiry. (i.e. wheelchair access, smoking policy etc.). Please be discreet when calling.  And contact us if you are unable to reach a contact person. 
  • This is a confidential list and will not be used as a mailing list or for any purpose other than helping survivors reach survivors. Each SIA group is autonomous and does not represent the SIA organization as a whole.
  • According to tradition, any member of SIA may attend any meeting when they need one. Group definitions are meant to help direct people to meetings attended by members of the specific orientation. Keep in mind, the only requirement for membership is that you were sexually abused as a child and that you want to recover from the effects of that experience in your life now.

Regarding Perpetrators

  • The SIA membership has decided that adult  perpetrators of child sexual abuse are not allowed in any SIA meeting.
  •  SIA is NOT the place to work on perpetration issues or questions. There are other programs and avenues available for survivors with  perpetration issues. 
  • NOTE: As children, some survivors were forced, emotionally or physically, to abuse other children. Because they were forced, the SIA community does not consider such survivors to be true perpetrators. The adult(s) who staged the forced abuse were 100% responsible.


Regarding Minors

  • SIA World Service Office suggests that groups which allow minors must be aware of the laws in their particular state or country. Many jurisdictions have laws that require reporting suspected (past or present) abuse of a minor. Therefore, confidentiality of the minor in such cases is limited. Adults who do not report the disclosures of minors may be in violation of their state or country laws. Teens and adults should be aware of this before they enter the room.


Regarding SIA World Service Office

  • Each SIA group is autonomous and does not represent the SIA organization as a whole. The World Service Office makes suggestions, but it does not police groups and is not responsible for anything that occurs at group meetings. Groups are independent organizations and have control over their own activities.

Online and Phone Meetings

  • The WSO registers online and phone meetings with the assurance that they abide by the SIA Traditions and the general operating principles of the SIA program. We encourage all newcomers to try out different meetings where possible, so as to find the best fit for one's personal recovery.
  • To find out how the online meetings work, go to:


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