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for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse

Meeting Formats

There are many good ways to format a meeting.  Each group decides among its members what they most want or are willing to try.

The following are methods that worked for those that used them. Take what you like, adapt it as you will, and let us know of any innovations you'd like to pass on.

Click on the items you are interested in.  That will open a Microsoft Word or PDF document that you can save and/or print. 

Create Your Own Meeting Kit:

Below is the document which contains a copy of the Welcome, 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, and Closing which you will need for your meeting:


    Welcome Newcomers.doc

    Leaders Guide.doc 

   How the Meeting Works - Brookline SIA - the business side 

We also have Meeting Formats in other languages:

In Dutch:

Dutch_Ons Welkom en Tot Slot_SIA Welcome and Closing.pdf

Dutch_SIA Stappen en Tradities_Steps and Traditions.pdf

In French:

French Meeting Outline.pdf

French_12 étapes SIA liste.pdf

In Spanish:

Formato de la Reunión del Grupo (Meeting Format).docx

Spanish_Welcome_Closing_12 Steps_Traditions.pdf

In Swedish:




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