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THE SIA World Service Conference


World Service Conference Committees Service PositionDescriptions                   

The following listing of the WSC Committee Descriptions is submitted so that the membership will be aware of what the WSC Committees are. Chairs and more members are needed as indicated below.* Ideally, these committees meet regularly and submit quarterly reports to the World Service Conference Chairperson.

If you wish to serve as a Chairperson, Alternate Chairperson, or member of any of the following committees, contact the WSO, Juanita, or respond to the appeals by Committee Chairs in the Newsletter (Literature, for example).

 Group Concerns Committee:Chair: Karin. Alternate Chair:*___________ Members: Linda, Denise E., and Duffy M.     

Purpose: Through the SIA Newsletter and contact with the WSO and WSC, to determine the most prevalent group concerns which may affect SIA as a whole and which transcend the group level of resolution through group consciences.  To discuss those concerns with committee members and develop proposals to bring before the WSC (such as, to survey the membership on the matter of concern). To post best practices from groups (such as “Safety Guidelines”) on the SIA web site. To submit quarterly reports to the Conference Standing Chair. To contact the WSC Chairperson in a timely fashion, regarding agenda items and proposals for the WSC. [This Committee will not be given, or share names of individuals or groups in their discussions, but focus only upon issues,]

Outreach Committee: Chair: Coco      Alternate Chair :*___________________  Members:*Linda, Juanita, Liz, Nicole, Bonnie, Karin K., Amy, Helen, and John          

Purpose: To devise approaches and methods to reach as many adult victims of childhood sexual abuse as possible (such as means to contact professionals who may come in contact with those victims, ways to contact the media, and a variety of communications methods) being ever mindful of the SIA Traditions regarding anonymity. To share these outreach methods with the membership, so that they may use them at the group level, through the SIA Newsletter and templates on the SIA web site (already existing best practices could be studied and utilized).  To submit quarterly reports to the Conference Standing Chair. Also, to prepare a report for the WSC and to contact the WSC Chairperson in a timely fashion regarding committee activities.

Finance Committee:Chair:*_____________    Alternate Chair:*_______________ Members: Linda, John, Becky, *___________                                   

Purpose: To work with the WSO in sending out financial appeals sufficient to insure the financial stability of the WSO. The committee will generate ideas to increase revenue for the operation of the WSO, ever mindful of our SIA Tradition 7 regarding “compromising contributions.”  To submit quarterly reports to the Conference Standing Chair. To prepare a report for the WSC and to contact the WSC Chairperson in a timely fashion regarding committee activities.

Conference Committee (WSC Planning and Standing Chair):                              Planning Chair: *___________Standing Chair:*_________Alternates:*_____________ Members: Linda, Becky, Juanita, Kat, Lee, Sandy,*_________________        

The WSC Conference Standing Chairperson will: Receive quarterly reports from the other committees, work with the Planning Chair and Committee to develop the Agenda for the WSC (A suggested agenda is available), and physically Chair the annual World Service Conference .

The Conference Planning Chairperson and Committee will: plan the physical World Service Conference. This Chair and Committee will: secure a location for the Conference, create an announcement and registration form for the WSC, receive registrations and send back confirmations (snail or email),  prepare handouts of Committee reports, proposals, the previous year’s minutes, and any other relevant documents, see that delegates from the SIA groups receive the documents in a timely fashion, coordinate the Conference Agenda with the Conference Standing Chair. If the conference is at a physical location instead of a phone, Skype, or teleconference, the planning committee will have to consider making a schedule, and planning refreshments, etc. Scheduling of SIA meetings and workshops during the conference that do not conflict with the WSC meeting times is encouraged

Conference Structure Committee: Chairpersons: Kat and Juanita                   Members:Linda,*___________________________________  

Purpose and Duties: To work with the SIA Board of Trustees to see that all WSC actions are in accordance with SIA Bylaws, SIA Traditions, SIA Board legal considerations, and, pending approval by the membership, the Proposed Concepts of Service. To prepare the Proposed SIA Concepts of Service for a vote of acceptance by the SIA membership. To work with the Conference Planning Committee and the Conference Standing Chairs to see that the various Conference Committees are fully formed and prepared for the yearly WSC.

Literature Committee: Chair: John   Alternate:*Becky                               Members: Linda, Lee, Anne, Becky, Rick, Meri, Kat, Karin*_______          

Purpose and Duties: (listed more fully in the Literature Purview Document)The Literature Committee is responsible for all aspect of creating, editing, reviewing, updating, and generating Conference Approved Literature (CAL). As outlined in the Literature Committee Purview Document (will be available online), which was approved at the 2012 WSC, this committee and its sub committees are responsible for all functions related to SIA Literature (except for a final review for legal purposes which is done by the SIA Board).The sub committees include (for now) SIA Pamphlets (chair: Annie, SIA “Gold Book” (chair: Becky), SIA Daily Meditation Book (proposed), and Newsletter (chair: Karin). Through a regular article in the SIA Newsletter, Literature Committee activities are reported and members sought. A report will be sent to the WSC Standing Chair for the WSC.


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