Survivors of Incest Anonymous 

We Define Incest Very Broadly


for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse


Columbia, Maryland

(Start promptly at 2:15)

Please turn off or silence all cell phones.

Let’s open the meeting with a moment of silence and the Serenity Prayer.


Will someone please read the Welcome?

Will someone please read the adapted 12 Steps of SIA?

Will someone please read the Promise of the Month?

Will someone please read the Tradition of the Month?

We will now have introductions. We ask that you give only your first name. You may use a pseudonym. You do not have to name your abuser or abusers unless you feel comfortable doing so. “My name is __________ and I was abused by _________.”

Are there any announcements for this group or SIA as a whole?

We don’t have dues or fees but we are self-supporting for expenses like rent and literature so we will pass a basket for donations. We recommend a donation of two dollars or more to cover these expenses of the meeting. (Pass basket). We also have an e-mail list that you can sign after the meeting. We are encouraged to reach out to each other in between meetings for support. We also have a lending library with books on incest and related issues which you can browse after the meeting.

(Agenda continues on next page…)

Please remember that in this meeting we do not have crosstalk, meaning that we refrain from commenting on others’ shares, interrupting, giving advice. Most of us did not get the chance to express ourselves freely when growing up so this rule of crosstalk ensures that this meeting be a safe place for everyone to express honestly without being interrupted, criticized, fixed, or misunderstood.

In this meeting we ask that you refrain from using graphic language or describing specific incidents of abuse. Remember, if you can picture it, so can we. We also acknowledge that there are times one may become triggered by another member’s sharing. In SIA we are each responsible for our own recovery. If you become uncomfortable, please respect your boundaries and step outside. You are welcome to return if and when you feel ready. If you feel you are truly in danger, please call a professional or 911. Remember that all members are valuable; personal recovery depends upon SIA unity!

The format of this meeting is as follows:

            First Week of the Month – Step of the Month

            Second Week of the Month – Speaker

            Third Week of the Month – Tradition of the Month

            Fourth/Fifth Week of the Month – Literature


(Close the meeting at 3:45)

Are there any last burning desires to share? 

That is all the time we have for sharing. If you didn’t get a chance to share, please talk to someone after the meeting.

Would someone please read the SIA Closing?


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