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Best Practices, Forms, and Templates to help your SIA Group, Workshops & Retreats

As part of our efforts to help survivors across the world, we now provide all sorts of useful documents, forms, templates for easy download. We also list many "Best Practices" that have been brought to our attention by various groups everywhere.

Please send us documents, templates and practices that your group has found helpful.

Help us help you- we cannot expand our support efforts without your help.

Send your ideas to the SIA webmaster.

Due to time and space limitations, we also cannot post all entries, and we do reserve the right to edit to enhance functionality.

Many of our templates are in Microsoft Word.  If you are unable to open that version, try the "PDF" version. To open PDF files you may need Acrobat Reader. 
You can obtain Acrobat Reader for FREE by clicking the logo below.

Finding out what works for your group, and then sharing that with the rest of us allows every group to benefit  from your group's idea. In this section, we have collected a variety of best practices from group around the world, and published them for everyone to see.

Meeting Best Practices:  Best Practice Submission Form.doc

Group/Member Meeting Safety:  Safety Focused

Meeting Format Practices:

Creative time.doc - 15 minute creative time at start of meeting

Socializing time in meetings.doc - Socializing Time in Meeting

Reading at start.doc -Reading at start of every meeting

Business Meeting/ Group Business Practices

Preset Treasury Distribution.doc - Preset Treasury Distribution


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