Survivors of Incest Anonymous 

We Define Incest Very Broadly


for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse

How to register your meeting:


  • Register online! Use the link "list your group online" that you see on the left of your screen under "Register an SIA Meeting."

Why register?


  • We want to be able to refer survivors to your meeting! Our primary purpose is to help other survivors recover.(Our website is visited, on average, once every 7 minutes. There are a lot of survivors seeking healing.)

  • SIA receives, on average, 40+ emails or phone calls each week from survivors asking about meetings in their area… Please help us help them!
  • We want to send you the SIA newsletter! It contains lots of helpful SIA information, updates and listings of upcoming events!

What information do I need to give?

  • About your meeting (Always check with other group members to make certain all are in accord.)
    1. The day and time you meet.
    2. Where you meet. (Some groups prefer not to display the meeting’s exact location, which is fine. But at least the city or town must be listed.)
    3. Contact Information (a phone # or an email address so a survivor can ask for more information about the meeting, or simply be reassured it’s a safe place to go. If you choose to display your meeting location and you meet regularly, no other contact information is required to display, but WSO needs your group contact info to send you a newsletter)
    4. Your meeting’s restrictions (i.e. women-only,  survivors-only, etc.)
    5. Type of meeting (discussion, phone, internet, etc)
  • About you, as group representative or first contact person.
    1. Your full name and address (This is for everyone’s safety. All of us in SIA are survivors. We all feel the same way about giving out our information -- leery!) For that reason you can be sure that SIA will NEVER divulge your personal information to anyone. Having it helps us stay in touch with you, send you the newsletter and occasional surveys, contact you to make sure your group is still active, etc. If you are unwilling to enter your full name online, then skip it. Just put a period in the space for last name.)
    2. Your group's  email address: it is suggested that each group have its own email address and not the personal one of an individual member. This helps facilitate the transition of service positions that each group encounters. When it becomes time for a new group online rep. or primary contact, the group's email address and password can be passed on. "Principles above personalities."

What information gets displayed in the Directory of Meetings (online and printed)?


  • It’s up to you. For example, some groups display more information in the printed directory than the online directory.
  • Your last name as first contact person and address (or the secondary contact’s last name and address) is NEVER displayed on either directory. You can, however, choose to have your first name and/or phone number displayed.


There are fields where you can list all sorts of other information. For example:

  • Directions to your meeting
  • The name of your meeting, if you have one
  • A web address
  • A introductory statement about your meeting, its goals, its focus, etc. We encourage you to say as much about your meeting as you and your group's members feel comfortable.

Once I do all that, then what?


Here's what happens next:

  • SIA will send you an email to let you know registration is underway and to verify the email address you supplied.
  • Once you've replied to our 'verification' email we'll send you step-by-step instructions to make your meeting profile visible and how to select the information your group has agreed to display. We'll also send you your SIA Group #.

Can I make changes later?


  • If your group has already chosen to list its information online, you’ll already have a password allowing you to go in and make changes anytime. But when you do make changes, please contact us with the changes, so that we can add those to our off-line data base. Otherwise the changes will only register online and will not be readily available to the regional responders to requests for meeting information. We're working to make this second step automatic and save you the trouble. However,  we're not there yet. So please, until then, we really need your cooperation in this transition time.
  • If your group meeting is not yet listed online or in the un-posted listing option, we encourage  you to help your group reconsider -- keeping in mind SIA's primary purpose, and decide to register. Then you can, as primary contact, go to the site and  register there, or if you prefer, you can still contact SIA by email, post or phone message, and we will make the requested registration or changes.




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